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Through GSF Group’s “Customer-Centric” approach, experience, specialist skills-base, and application of advanced technologies, our clients are assured of world class service, driven by a world class team in a world class fleet.

About GSF

Service is all about capacity – a capacity we deliver via a modern, well maintained fleet of over 100 trucks, hauling our fleet of over 120 trailer pieces, including 13m trailers (30 fitted with reefer gen-sets), super & inter links and side tippers. Augmenting this fleet capacity with a 45-ton container handler, 3 x 4 ton general purpose trucks and 7 LDVs. means we can to integrate our offering to offer you:

Within GSF Group, our “Customised Solutions” capacity and approach encompasses the multifaceted fields of value-add logistics, supply chain management and vessel-to-door turnkey projects. Our philosophy is driven by innovation. Integrating fleet management technologies, supporting it with specialist skills, results in lower operating risk management, higher fleet triangulation & utilisation, improved efficiencies and greater value for money.

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“Don’t just turn the wheel – Reinvent it!”

Afrque: /ˈafrɪkə/
From Latin, referred to all lands south of the Mediterranean.
Origin – Phoenician (Afiri), meaning dust, in reference to the sand storms of the Sahara.
“During the past 5 years we have grown our Africa cross border load book alone by almost 25% year on year…”
Projects: /ˈprɒdʒɛkt/
from Latin projectum ‘something prominent
Early senses of the verb were ‘plan’ and ‘cause to move forward’.
“Our abnormal & low-bed trailers are specifically geared for the transport of your extremely heavy and wide loads.…”
Freight: /freɪt/
From Middle German, meaning goods transported in bulk by truck, train or ship
Origin – Old German (vracht), meaning hire of a ship for transporting goods.
“Provides flexible, turnkey road freight solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers throughout South Africa…”
Bulk: /bʌlk/
Middle English the senses ‘cargo as a whole’ and ‘heap, large quantity’ (the earliest recorded) are probably from Old Norse búlki ‘cargo’;
“When you place value on every single drop, and that your partners understand the value of YOUR liquid gold…”
GSF Commodity
From Old English, meaning a raw material or product that can be bought and sold.
Origin – Latin (commodus), meaning a useful or valuable article that may be traded.
“We understand the importance of Just-In-Time (JIT). Our service offering aims to keep your inventory costs low, cash flow high your business efficient…”
GSF Resources
Resource: /rɪˈsɔːs,rɪˈzɔːs/
From Old French, meaning a nation’s collective means of supporting itself.
Origin – Latin (re_surgere), meaning to rise in support ofor to defend your cohort.
“That's a major problem for the road the SADC region’s economies; transportation and logistics as a sector is growing rapidly - but workforce development isn’t yet keeping pace.”