GSF Resources

Resource: /rɪˈsɔːs,rɪˈzɔːs/ 
From Old French, meaning a nation’s collective means of supporting itself.
Origin – Latin (re_surgere), meaning to rise in support ofor to defend your cohort.

GSF Resources, the human resources division within the GSF Group, is constantly reviewing our approach to ensure that we comply with the most stringent quality, safety and operational components of the industry. Having observed over the last decade how transportation and logistics companies are lagging behind other sectors in terms of recruiting and hiring, we are geared to taking full advantage of the significant benefits that gender and cultural diversity can offer. This we do by proactively managing the GSF Group company brand and to make us one of the preferred employers of the future.

For GSF Group to stay abreast with the growing competition, we harness the best of the varied and comprehensive logistics expertise and human resource available. By developing and growing our skilled and trained human resources, we are able to translate our growth strategies to make available a significantly differentiated value to our customers, at optimum cost.