GSF Projects

Projects: /ˈprɒdʒɛkt/ from Latin projectum ‘something prominent’
Early senses of the verb were ‘plan’ and ‘cause to move forward’.

GSF Projects is driven by the belief that size does matter. Freight does pretty much… anything. With focus on long-term partnership agreements, high capacity (gauge & weight) loads of up to 35m in length and up to 60 tons. Our entire project process is pegged by strict adherence to our ISO45001-2018 (safety) and ISO9001-2015 (quality) & SQAS management systems

About GSF

Route Coordination and Planning (route surveys and accurate height measurements to ascertain the feasibility of the routes) in adherence with The National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996) and the National Road Traffic Regulations is an important part of the titanic operation. Application for abnormal permits, clearance certificates and arranging RTI escorts forms an integral part of the process. Coordination of these is crucial to ensure the success of any project.

GSF Projects also drives our turnkey project management solutions. Integration across the divisions within the group, coupled with access to specialised sub-contract service providers means that GSF Projects can do pretty much… anything. We owe some our bragging rights completed a major project that involved the discharge and distribution of 27 000 tons of bulk sugar – the largest single shipment of bulk sugar to have landed in South Africa.