GSF Liquid Bulk

Bulk: /bʌlk/ From
Middle English the senses ‘cargo as a whole’ and ‘heap, large quantity’ (the earliest recorded) are probably from Old Norse búlki ‘cargo’;

GSF Liquid Bulk has access to a fleet of specialised commodity (dairy, other food grade, chemical) gas and fuel tankers that service a varied client base. Our Drivers are retrained annually, by a TETA accredited agency, in defensive and advanced driving techniques; as well as HAZCHEM product handling.

Our modern, well-maintained fleet of Bulk Haulage Rigs are fitted with state of the art cameras and real time satellite tracking devices, under 24/7supervision and monitoring from the Control Room. With safety (ISO45001-2018) and quality (ISO9001-2015) & SQAS management systems, real-time monitoring and tracking is one of our fundamental pillars in risk mitigation; and ensure that we are able to offer you pro-active monitoring of your product en-route. Real time in cab communications; and the use of panic buttons and immobilisation units are further stringent mechanisms employed by us to minimise the risk to your “liquid bulk”. Cargo dependant, we can tailor flexible management reporting systems available to meet your compliance needs.