GSF Afrique

/ˈafrɪkə/ From Latin, referred to all lands south of the Mediterranean.
Origin – Phoenician (Afiri), meaning dust, in reference to the sand storms of the Sahara.

At GSF Afrique, we have come to realise that stakeholders in cross border trade, are beginning to demand much more from their logistics suppliers. As much as the freight rate is a factor in securing business, equally (some would argue more) important, is your transporter’s capacity to navigate the challenges of over-border cargo handling. “It’s relatively easy choosing a corridor (inter-city, depot to depot/door) transporter. It’s a lot more difficult, and hazardous, choosing a transporter to handle your cross border and export freight. ”24-hour manned operations, real time tracking and constantly monitoring stack closings are amongst our bunch of keys to operational efficiency. So too is the capacity to work around the clock around the inevitable challenges; having repositioning capacity, in house container storage capacity and operational controls in place. The last thing that the client wants to hear is, ‘We missed the stack!’”

Around the clock operational & fleet support
Crossing up to 12 border posts
Fleet support servies2 -3 countries away

The single largest challenge is not in finding a road freight partner with the tonnage capacity, but a partner that can offer the tonnage capacity with full, around the clock operational & fleet support services 2-3 countries away. With the huge distances covered, crossing up to 12 borders posts over multitude routes, across an entire region; fleet support is key. Border documentation, customs and excise payments, arranging fuel and rest stops, attending to breakdowns, sending and receiving truck spares – with GSF having our own local capacity so far from home base, choosing GSF becomes the natural choice.

Our African footprint allows us to extend our entire service capacity (container, break-bulk, reefer, abnormal, side tipper and liquid bulk) across the entire SADC region. 

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